Whether you need 1 or 2 visits per year to have us prune your trees and shrubs, or a weekly scheduled maintenance program with weed control and fertilizer. Refresh Landscape can custom tailor our services to meet your budget and property requirements. We service all properties including; stratas, commercial, residential, acreages, holiday properties. Please scroll down to see a full list of our services.

  • Professional lawn and property services​
  • ​Full array of pruning capabilities
  • ​Fertilizer application
  • ​Selective herbicide application for weed control
  • ​General herbicide application
  • Rough cut mowing
  • ​Brush clearing
  • ​Snow removal

​​​Tier I

  • ​​Mow and trim weekly
  • ​Vertical trim all edges to eliminate encroachment
  • ​Blow off all hard surfaces each time
  • ​Fertilize 2 times annually
    • ​​mid spring and late summer


  • ​Dethatching
  • ​Core aerating
  • ​Garden and tree planting
  • ​Bark mulch and ground cover install and replacement
  • ​Tree removal
  • ​Irrigation
  • Hardscape installation
  • ​Street sweeping

​Maintenance Packages

​Irrigation, pruning and fertilizer applications can be added or subtracted from any Tier. Packages are normally for price references. Please contact us for specific pricing based on your needs. Pricing is based on the 'average property size' in Salmon Arm.

​Landscape Maintenance

​60" Brush Cutter taking down 7' Burdoch

​Tier III

  • All of Tier II ​
  • ​Additional fertilizer application in early fall
    • ​​4 applications annually
  • ​Irrigation start-up and shut down
    • ​​parts and repair labour is additional
  • Spring cleanup
  • ​Customized pruning schedule

​​​​​What To Expect


  • Friendly, uniformed team members will always be wearing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • ​Well equipped with quality commercial machinery ranging from traditional 21" push mowers all the way up to 60"+ large area mowers, and almost every imaginable landscape related power tool.
  • ​All equipment is cleaned and serviced regularly and all blades are sharpened daily to promote a premium cut every time.

​Tier II

  • ​Mow and trim weekly
  • ​Vertical trim all edges to eliminate encroachment
  • Blow off all hard surfaces each time
  • ​Fertilize 3 times annually
    • ​​early spring to promote fast green up
    • mid-June
    • ​early September
  • ​Dethatch and Aerate annully